[App_rpt-users] finding source of echo

Steve Agee n5zua at earthlink.net
Sun Jan 8 21:36:15 EST 2017

I just tried to call your node and received, "connection failed." When 
you say, It's not local RX getting into TX" could you please explain 
what test(s) you did to arrive at this conclusion?


On 1/8/2017 7:21 PM, Don Russell wrote:
> I'm trying to get my node going again. It's online but I'm fighting 
> bad echo.
> You hear the output looping into the input with a delay about the 
> length of the word "One".
> So in a count you hear "ONE one TWO two " ...etc Confirmed with parrot.
> It's not local RX getting into TX, it's internal to the URI 
> soundcard/cable/rx.
> I've tried with both rxboost on/off and re calibrating.
> It's not RFrelated as it does the echo with the TX turned off.
> Radios are a pair of Motorola SM50's connected via 16pin to the URI.
> They go into a 4 can duplexor into the antenna.
> Audio is flat raw discriminator for the RX and direct to the 
> modulator/ptt.
> The same radios/cavities worked just fine with a dvrptr to do d-star.
> The cable I used is a 25 pin Printer cable that is shielded /twisted 
> pair.
> I just cut off one end, traced the wires and soldered them to the 16 pin.
> I've tried 2 different PC's with ACID then DIAL distro's. Still same 
> echo.
> If you would like a demo I'm node 2090  (W9DRR)..
> Wondering where to look, it's almost like a software mixer thing or 
> something.
> 73
> Don W9DRR
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