[App_rpt-users] "Link prefix" control codes?

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Wed Jan 11 20:41:08 EST 2017

Is anyone familiar with a set of additional function/control codes that can begin with '#' to allow for assigning a link-mode prefix for over-air/linked RF system control?
If so, you're probably familiar with the scenario of some multi-site (RF) linked repeater systems.
To control a local RF-site/repeater on it's local RF channel you prefix that site's control codes with '*' and all else is muted from going down-stream to other nodes.
To control a remote site you prefix commands with '#' then a node address or 'prefix' after which the targeted node's controller accepts commands over the air.
When you have an Allstar node connected as a port off a repeater controller you don't want it accepting control codes all the time, so it needs to be configured to accept only '#' then a <prefix/site code> and subsequent commands on that node.

Jim Dixon had apparently created that code and implemented it on a few Allstar nodes, including one of mine, but I did not get details of the configuration, nor got a backup of it afterwards, and that node crashed and needed to be re-created.  Work lost.

I will have 2-3 such Allstar nodes at various radio sites and need to accommodate controlling them uniquely, over-the-air, remotely.
Any clues?
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