[App_rpt-users] SwissArmy Script

Jamey Wright jamey.wright at charter.net
Sat Jan 14 14:19:28 EST 2017

I was looking at the Swissarmy script by K0KN and it does a lot of useful
thing that I want to do so I loaded it to one of my nodes running DIAL.
Bear in mind that I am not an expert in Linux.  I can find my way around but
installing and running things still requires detailed instructions and
swissarmy is lacking there.


I followed the instructions in the readme to get it on my system:


wget http://www.qsl.net/k0kn/swissarmy


chmod 750 swissarmy


Now what?  


I added the lines 
connpgm=/etc/asterisk/swissarmy 1
discpgm=/etc/asterisk/swissarmy 0

like the readme says to do.  


There is no swissary.conf file.  Do I create it manually.  Looking for the
file for private nodes info I looked in /dev/shm for allstar_nodelist.
Nothing there.


I feel like I have missed some step but I don't know what it is


Jamey Wright - WR4JW


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