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Thanks Steve keep up the great work!

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On Wed, Jan 25, 2017 at 10:57 AM, Steve Zingman <szingman at msgstor.com>

> It's been about 1 month since Jim's passing. I want to update everyone as
> to the status of AllStarLink now and going forward.
> Let me say first, AllStarLink will continue to thrive and move into the
> future. The steps we have taken, and will take, guarantee that. Never again
> will any one person have to scramble to pay a server bill, add to the DNS
> or renew the domain name.
> Our first step was to identify the hosts and domains involved in the
> infrastructure of ASL. We have done that. I have implemented a monitoring
> system to notify us when we have a problem with a host. The monitoring as
> of today is a basic available / not available system. I am adding the
> monitoring of services specific to the host. That can be HTTP, IAX, SIP,
> CPU load, Disk in use etc. At a later date, I will make a page available to
> all that can be checked for overall health of the entire ASL infrastructure.
> The servers need rebuilding. The services need redistribution. Standards
> need to be set. This will take time. Mission critical servers will have a
> hot backup. In case of failure a standby server will take over until
> repairs can be made. All servers will have a offsite cold backup. Data will
> be daily coped to a remote storage array.
> We are moving all services off of ohnosec.org. Thanks to Steve R for
> keeping it going through the transition. The first step is move the
> maillist app_rpt-users. It has been migrated to lists.allstarlink.org.
> The archives are intact and old archives from lists.illiana.net from Dec
> 2005 to Oct 2008 were added. For the time being, mail sent to
> app_rpt-users at ohnosec.org will go to the new list.
> An existing user on on the ohnosec list is valid with his existing
> password and subscription on app_rpt-users at allstarlink.org.
> A message posted to app_rpt-users at allstarlink.org will appear on the
> archive <http://lists.allstarlink.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/app_r
> pt-users>
> A message posted to app_rpt-users at ohnosec.org will also appear on the
> archive <http://lists.allstarlink.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/app_r
> pt-users>
> The archive on <http://ohnosec.org/pipermail/app_rpt-users/> will not be
> updated by any posts.
> The main website allstarlink.org is being rewritten. It is a slow tedious
> project. Great attention is being paid to the look, feel and consistency.
> As with all thing ASL, the source will be archived and available.
> The next thing to move will be the Drupal (Knowledge Base) We may move
> this to a wiki or some other form that lends itself better to being updated
> by the community.
> I have copied the source code repository from SVN to github. This is the
> complete source code repository with history. Any changes to the official
> source code will happen on github. Moving from SVN to git will allow more
> people to contribute ideas and fixes in the future.
> The github repository is at <https://github.com/AllStarLink> There are of
> course off site backups done daily.
> A small group of professionals are starting to review the code. The first
> step will be to add comments and documentation. We need a better base of
> information to carry this forward. LOTS more on this to come.
> A not for profit organization has been created. For the first year, we are
> keeping the directors to a minimum. I do not want a large unwieldy group
> trying to manage things. I do not want to have to try to "turn a battle
> ship" just to get something done. AllStarLink Inc. will hold the domain
> name, pay for server space and handle any other administrative tasks that
> are needed.
> More to follow...
> 73, Steve N4IRS
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> "Real programmers use vi, that's why I use nano"
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