[App_rpt-users] *FIXED* can't drop inbound connection

Tom Hayward tom at tomh.us
Sun Jan 29 15:18:15 EST 2017

On Sun, Jan 29, 2017 at 11:43 AM, Bryan D. Boyle <bdboyle at bdboyle.com> wrote:
> it has to 'be available' freely.  most have taken that to mean in the tar
> file or iso, but it's not unheard that the source is located at a url.

Note that in this case the distinction is irrelevant. In previous
Hamvoip releases, the source code was included in the img. Sources
used to compile the latest release, including the bugfix mentioned in
this thread, are not available in a tar, iso, nor at some URL. Doug
alluded to releasing the source at some time in the future via a
software package, but at the moment none of the v1.5 sources have been

In a private email, David McGough indicated to me that he had no
intention of sharing the code any time soon, and seems to forget about
the contributions made by all the other app_rpt developers like Jim
and Steve:
> *I* am the software developer, so *I* will choose to release
> the source code when *I* am ready to do so.
> So lets [sic] don't [sic] argue subtleties of the GPL 2.

Publishing binary-only bugfixes not only violates the software
license, it's harmful to the community because it leaves the bug
unfixed for everyone running non-Hamvoip versions of app_rpt.


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