[App_rpt-users] proper stanza

Richard larson wile2u at gmail.com
Sat Jul 1 00:51:39 EDT 2017

Good day, hopefully a quick question. Downloaded the current available img
for the RaspberryPI3 from the AllStarLink website, when setting up my node
I was attempting to use the rxchannel=Radio/usbxxxxx stanza in rpt.conf.

checking the asterisk console i see this
[Jul  1 00:34:22] WARNING[1296]: channel.c:3051 ast_request: No channel
type registered for 'Radio'
[Jul  1 00:34:26] NOTICE[1271]: app_rpt.c:22032 rpt_master: RPT thread
restarted on 27837
[Jul  1 00:34:26] WARNING[1271]: app_rpt.c:22044 rpt_master:     --
Re-Loading config for repeater 27837
What am I missing..

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