[App_rpt-users] DIAL Download site (dvswitch.org) offline

Jeremy Utley jerutley at gmail.com
Sat Jul 8 20:10:28 EDT 2017

No Problem, Steve 😊  Downtime happens!  Just glad I was able to find a copy!


Jeremy, NQ0M


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It is down. I am migrating to a new hosting provider. The links will be updated.

Sorry for the problem. 

Steve N4IRS

On 07/08/2017 07:56 PM, Jeremy Utley wrote:

Anyone know why dvswitch.org (the official download site for Dial images) is offline?  I was trying to download RAT_RC1 from there last night, and was unsuccessful.  Thanks to some Google searching, I found a copy of it available from Loren Tedford’s site voipham.com (at least I think that’s Loren’s site), so I could get my Pi node reinstalled.


Jeremy, NQ0M

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