[App_rpt-users] OFF-LIST Looks like I can't post no more on a ARM mailing list.

Bryan Fields Bryan at bryanfields.net
Sun Jul 9 13:35:37 EDT 2017

I'm taking this back on list.  It's an important enough response to have it
here.  You may ignore this thread if you wish.

On 7/9/17 1:21 PM, David McGough wrote:
> Neil,
> I have taken these comments off list.
> At this point you are taking a childish argument to a criminal level,
> claiming a "back door" into the hamvoip distro and that statement is
> absolutely a LIE.
> With these statements you are committing criminal libel. Whether you you
> it or not, I am an Internet Business owner and I build custom routers for
> several fortune 1000 Companies and have thousands installed across 80+
> Countries. Your comments are tarnishing to my reputation. I seriously
> recommend that you either promptly come up with proof to back up your
> statement or retract it.

A person with such contempt for the law should not be lecturing others about
it. I further fail to see why I am copied on this, are you threatening legal

Release the source, you have no other option.

As someone building routers, you should be familiar with the finer points of
the GPL.  I have to say, as someone who also has a day job with a company who
builds routers, I've never heard of Internet Technologies.

Bryan Fields

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