[App_rpt-users] OFF-LIST Looks like I can't post no more on a ARM mailing list.

Bryan D. Boyle bdboyle at bdboyle.com
Sun Jul 9 14:15:58 EDT 2017

send the email chain with all the insults and legal threats, their public refusal to release the source, and all correspondence to the Open Source Foundation, whose GPL the source was originally licensed under.  Jim had an opinion about people like that...which is why he fought to keep it open source.

That's what their lawyers' job is; you aren't going to fight their massive self-reverential egos over there.  

(and I really don't care whether they ban me for telling it like I see it)
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> On Jul 9, 2017, at 13:35, Bryan Fields <Bryan at bryanfields.net> wrote:
> I'm taking this back on list.  It's an important enough response to have it
> here.  You may ignore this thread if you wish.
>> On 7/9/17 1:21 PM, David McGough wrote:
>> Neil,
>> I have taken these comments off list.
>> At this point you are taking a childish argument to a criminal level,
>> claiming a "back door" into the hamvoip distro and that statement is
>> absolutely a LIE.
>> With these statements you are committing criminal libel. Whether you you
>> it or not, I am an Internet Business owner and I build custom routers for
>> several fortune 1000 Companies and have thousands installed across 80+
>> Countries. Your comments are tarnishing to my reputation. I seriously
>> recommend that you either promptly come up with proof to back up your
>> statement or retract it.
> A person with such contempt for the law should not be lecturing others about
> it. I further fail to see why I am copied on this, are you threatening legal
> action?
> Release the source, you have no other option.
> As someone building routers, you should be familiar with the finer points of
> the GPL.  I have to say, as someone who also has a day job with a company who
> builds routers, I've never heard of Internet Technologies.
> 73's
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