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George Csahanin george at dyb.com
Mon Jul 10 10:26:06 EDT 2017

Just recently thinking of this. It actually would be pretty handy. 
Though most just use the pl/dpl encode/decode in the radio and don't use 
the DSP encode and decode in Allstar it might be handy for a few> I have 
a small node consisting of a Motorola P10 talkie where I use DSP PL. I 
use PL there. But a real need arises on 900. I have a pair of TKR-901's 
that will be modded for the ham band using someone else's code to allow 
programming of the synthesizers. But DPL seems to be a better choice on 
900 and the TKR-901 has zero PL circuitry, its basically a receiver and 
transmitter, carrier squelch. A perfect candidate for USBRADIO. But 
really needs DPL.

But I defer to the code writers. This may not be trivial to do and may 
be more of a distraction.

But a neat idea.




On 7/10/2017 8:50 AM, Jeff Carrier wrote:
> How many on the list would desire DPL support within app_rpt?  Is it 
> worth looking at?  I'm pretty sure this has come up in the past.  For 
> the record, I ask this knowing I'm unable to contribute to the coding 
> of this since I lack that skill set.
> I personally prefer DPL but I think there are still many older radios 
> lurking that don't have capabilities beyond CTCSS.
> I also know we've had pretty spirited discussions regarding simulcast 
> on the list.  I'm simulcasting from 4 sites on UHF with unmodified 
> RTCM's and do have some issues in the overlap areas.  I know keeping 
> CTCSS in phase in an analog simulcast system is a challenge so how 
> ugly would DPL be in a simulcast environment?
> Thoughts?
> de K0JSC
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