[App_rpt-users] USB Battery Bank that supports 'Pass Through Charging' and acts as a UPS for Allstar Nodes running on a Pi

Scott Zimmerman n3xcc at repeater-builder.com
Mon Jul 10 12:13:57 EDT 2017


If it were me, I would use a 7ah 12v backup battery with a "normal" 12v float charger, then use a buck converter to lower the 
voltage down to 5v. Something like this would do nicely:

Using 12v storage makes things more "standard".

Just my 2c.


Scott Zimmerman
Amateur Radio Call N3XCC
474 Barnett Road
Boswell, PA 15531

On 7/10/2017 11:38 AM, Ramesh Dhami wrote:
> Hi Folks:
> Wonder if anyone has a lead on a USB Battery Bank that supports pass-through charging and does NOT interrupt the output 
> voltage when there is loss of commercial power?
> I'd like to use a battery bank on my remote node down in FL (renowned for electrical storms!), so keeping the Pi up during 
> brown-outs and loss of commercial power is a big plus.
> In case folks are interested - here is a link to a good article providing a review of various products:
> http://www.theoutpost.org/6-techy/raspberry-pi-usb-power-bank-ups-pass-through/
> Unfortunately, the leading contender, the product from RS Electronics (brings back memories of my "jollies" as an Apprentice 
> heading up to Alum Rock in Birmingham ;) is not available in N. America.  There must be other equivalents out there.....
> Anyone have a lead on such a product?
> Thanks!
> Ramesh, VA3UV
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