[App_rpt-users] Add SkyWarn Function to AllStar

Jim Nessen nessenj at jimsoffice.org
Wed Jul 12 13:51:46 EDT 2017

I was reading the documentation for this, seems very interesting.  Too bad we don’t get too much WX related events here in central California!..

On a side note, is there a list somewhere of all addons that are available for allstarlink nodes?

Jim, K6JWN

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I would like to add that working with Steve has been a pleasure. If a bug was reported, it was fixed. ( If Steve did not find it already) We do get quite a few storms in FL, not to mention visits from people named Andrew etc. In my testing ASW did a fine job of reporting. ASW will make a fine addition to the list of add on programs available for AllStarLink. As testing runs and issues are found, we move closer to a more complete solution for Amateur Radio repeaters and simplex nodes.

73, Steve N4IRS
On 7/12/2017 1:28 PM, Steve Mahler wrote:

I would like to announce "Gamma Testing" of AutoSkyWarn (ASW). ASW is designed to couple SkyWarn Operations with AllStar Servers / Nodes. ASW is a program / shell script (developed to run on the AllStar DIAL distribution for PCs) allowing an AllStar Server and Node to automatically report and announce forty nine (49) National Weather Service (NWS) Warnings, Watches, Advisories and Special Weather Statements as they occur.

You can access the Overview and ReadMe1st first documents at


and also on that site you can hear 3 sounds clips of messages produced by ASW.

This release is for someone that has worked with UNIX/Linux systems as superuser. There are notes, but no step by step installation guide. (There is an effort to integrate ASW into the DIAL upgraded system.) The software requires Festival and SOX to operate. Alpha and Beta testing have been successful.

I will be releasing copies of ASW (as a tarball) by email until there is a fully documented installation guide. So after reviewing the Overview and ReadMe1st if you are still interested in becoming a Gamma Test site for AutoSkyWarn please send me an email at

   KF5VH at louisiana.edu<mailto:KF5VH at louisiana.edu>

and please include:
- your location
- a URL pointer to your repeater/group website if you have one

- if you are willing to make notes about your install process

- and when you have it running, send comments about operation
- any other interesting information

The tarball should be ready by next week.

...STeve - KF5VH

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