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Jeremy Utley jerutley at gmail.com
Thu Jul 13 17:34:16 EDT 2017

Just to clarify what I meant by saying "it's his right to do so" -

I meant to say it's his right to not contribute to the main development (creating a fork), not that it's his right to close the source to asterisk/apt_rpt.

Just to make sure that is clear!  I hate what Doug's doing myself, which is why I'm switching myself back to RAT-RC1.

Jeremy, NQ0M

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On Thu, 13 Jul 2017, Jeremy Utley wrote:

> It's his right not to do so...

Absolutely not.  We all benefit from the work Mark Spencer and many others did in creating Asterisk.  Those folks released Asterisk under the GPL, which obligates EVERYBODY who uses Asterisk as a base to build something else to in turn release the source code.

If you refuse to release your source code, you may NOT use Asterisk.  If you don't want to release your code, go write your own Asterisk.

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