[App_rpt-users] Source Code WA3DSP

Steve Zingman szingman at msgstor.com
Fri Jul 14 09:29:48 EDT 2017

  So this "discussion" has go on for about a week. Face it, other then 
venting, and somewhat preaching to the choir, nothing has been 
accomplished.  Other then AllStarLink  (ASL) abiding by the license for 
Asterisk, we have no standing. It's up to Asterisk to enforce it's 
license. I am as much a advocate of open source and HAM radio as 
anybody, but it's time to end this. Do I disagree with David's and 
Doug's (HAMVIOP) decision to not open the source to their version of 
Asterisk? YES. Is there anything we can do about it? NO. David says he 
that he is following Jim's wishes. What I have been told by David is 
that Jim told him if he did not like what Jim was doing, fork it. So he 
did. That's just fine with us. We moved the source code from SVN to GIT 
to allow ANYONE to submit changes to the code. David submitted one bug 
fix directly to me and I included it in the repository.

  Mike N4IRR is the team leader for development. Yes, he is my brother. 
We have been building FM voice repeaters for the last 48 years. We work 
well together (most of the time) and we know how to compliment each 
others talents. Mike has been a professional "software guy" for the last 
37 years. The other team members for the most part asked to be part of 
the team. They each bring a wealth of knowledge inside and outside of 
ASL. They stepped up and are willing to work with others in the best 
interest of ASL and HAM radio. All of the team members have to work well 
within the team and with the other teams where they intersect. Saying 
that you want to help is one thing, actually doing something is another. 
We do not just add people to teams. We look to attitude, skill and 
actually doing something for ASL. The organization has been built to 
survive the loss of any one or more people. We are no longer a one man 

  I  have been told that HAMVIOP thinks that the management of ASL is 
partisan. I think that is really directed at me. Am I an advocate for 
ASL? Yes. Do I try to run ASL in the best interests of the HAM 
community? Yes. I have opened the management teams to anyone that has 
said they have a interest and a skill to volunteer. HAMVIOP has told me 
in the past they don't think much of my  capabilities. I have said in 
the past that I don't think much of their attitude towards anyone else 
working on ASL. I'll call that even.

  To conclude, ASL is open source and will always be so. If others want 
to not publish their changes, that is not our concern. Leave that to 
Asterisk. What we can do as a community is to support the open source 
efforts and the hardware vendors that provide the equipment we need to 
make ASL the finest HAM repeater / linking software available.

  I will not censor users on the list until I think someone has 
repeatedly crossed the line. Please end this. I now return you to your 
regularly scheduled mail list.

73, Steve N4IRS

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