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Kevin Custer kuggie at kuggie.com
Fri Jul 14 10:35:30 EDT 2017

On 7/14/2017 9:29 AM, Steve Zingman wrote:
> OK,
>  So this "discussion" has go on for about a week.

The following comments are mine - and not of AllStarLink Inc.

I see that the HamVoip distribution 1.5 has telemetry ducking.  This 
feature set was designed by me and implemented by a friend into a 
different distribution.  I paid to have this done, and understood that 
it would be made available to the public by the terms of Open Source.

If HamVoip doesn't make their entire source code available, I will be 
informing Digium of this violation.  While Digium no longer supports the 
app_rpt application, they certainly do the Asterisk Project.  If the 
HamVoip folks haven't signed an agreement, then shame on them.  Just 
because Digium is no longer supporting this application doesn't mean 
they don't still own it.  It's still under Digium's control, and using 
any part of Asterisk obligates them to follow the terms of Open Source:

If HamVoip had their own commercial license, they would be making people 
sign an agreement for its use.  I'm not aware of any such requirement.

If Digium doesn't enforce the terms of Open Source, I'll be heading up a 
team (outside AllStarLink Inc.) that will.  This is wrong - plain and 
simple.  It goes against everything that Jim Dixon, Steve RoDgers, and 
Steve Henke (among others) have done.  I don't use HamVoip for several 
reasons.  Some of these reasons are personal, just like this situation 
that begs questioning as to why they wont release it.  Are they hiding 
something?  Are they planning to use it for-profit?

They certainly are willing to take credit for code they didn't write, 
and that's not right....

All releases of Asterisk and app_rpt have (or should have) included in 
the header of the code the licensing requirements.  I'm not just making 
this up, go have a look at the (real) source code for yourself.  Those 
of you wanting them to release it, keep bugging them.  If they continue 
to deny the requests, let me know - duuuude!

Kevin Custer - W3KKC

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