[App_rpt-users] Kenwood TH-D7 Duplex Node?

Ramesh Dhami Ramesh at va3uv.com
Fri Jul 21 22:11:49 EDT 2017

Hi All:

Wonder if anyone is using a Kenwood TH-D7A (or may be an 'E') for a 
duplex node?

The 'D7 could make for a good node, since it has the ability to operate 
in full duplex (RX on Band 'A' and TX on Band 'B').  I'd like to know if 
there is a way to bypass the internal TNC, or to bring out 9600 baud 
audio (or raw discrim audio) out somehow.

I was initially using a pair of Baofeng's for a portable / full-duplex 
node... but the Baofeng's are as deaf as a potato!


Ramesh, VA3UV

#27919 and a truck load of others....

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