[App_rpt-users] APRS not connecting

Bob Roszkowski bob at w5evh.org
Tue Jul 25 02:04:19 EDT 2017

I've noticed on a couple of my nodes that APRS was not able to connect.
Error in CLI and messages show:

WARNING[647] app_gps.c: server second.aprs.net cannot be found!!
WARNING[648] app_gps.c: Attempt to send APRS data with no connection open!!

I've had this running for quite some time without problems and no changes
to config.  I can ping second.aprs.net (and rotate.aprs.net) and get a
reply.  Also changed config to rotate.aprs.net with no change.

Anyone else seeing this.  It errors out all day long and filling up my logs.


boB - W5EVH
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