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Benjamin Naber Benjamin at Project23D.com
Sat Jul 29 12:03:37 EDT 2017


During a net discussion about some issues seemingly related only to the
RPi versions, it was brought up that the RPi should have a heat sink on
the CPU.

While the RPi sips very little power, the CPU is still going to get warm
to hot, depending on load, and should be heat sinked.... just like any
other CPU. Why manufacturers don't included them, is more a question of
expense and other business politics that we shall NOT get into on here.

I just learned the RPi itself has a "Turbo Mode" and explained to me it
is similar, but not quite, to over-clocking. In this case, a heat sink
with a fan is a requirement unless you want to keep buying RPi's.

Also, locally two nodes had to be reflashed after utility line voltage
drops during storms, but line voltage comes back on quick enough, it
never fully dropped to zero. The RPi's would be stuck in a state in
which whatever it was doing, it will continue doing it, but nothing else
could be started or stopped. No connections could be made, command
executed, etc. I am sure there is a better way to explained, but even
after proper RPi full power-cycless, the RPi node never recovered after
the power 'blips'.

There were some stories of commercial repeater controllers having the
same issues with utility line voltage fluctuations. The repeater
controllers would hang, and have to be physically power-cycled by a
visiting the site.

Benjamin, KB9LFZ

On Sat, 2017-07-29 at 10:16 -0400, lengriff at optimum.net wrote:
> At ETSNJ, we run 2 repeaters off a Raspberry Pi. After a few days, the audio begins to suffer brief interruptions with a clicking type sound. It progressively gets worse until it is chopping up the actual conversation. I can clear it by re-booting the Pi, but it returns after a time. I've looked at the running processes, and do not see anything abnormal that would chew up processor resources. Anyone have thoughts on what this might be?
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