[App_rpt-users] OT: ISP's

Michael Wolthuis wolthuis at gmail.com
Mon May 1 09:20:19 EDT 2017

Charter/Spectrum is really actually pretty good.  No IPv6 yet, but that’s good for the Allstar world.

Their modems are easily accessible, but I run mine in bridged mode and use my own router/firewall.  Works great.  No static IPs unless you have business class, but it doesn’t change much over a 30day window.


On 5/1/17, 9:12 AM, "App_rpt-users on behalf of George Csahanin" <app_rpt-users-bounces at lists.allstarlink.org on behalf of george at dyb.com> wrote:

    Hi folks. I may have to change from AT&T to Charter/Spectrum cable ISP. 
    Anybody use them or know of any restrictions/limitations as far as 
    Allstar is concerned?
    2360 (when AT&T makes my internet work)
    George Csahanin
    10100 Carson Ranch Rd.
    Crowley, TX 76036
    682-708-5716 home
    401-338-0568 cel
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