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George Csahanin george at dyb.com
Mon May 1 13:14:04 EDT 2017

David, I didn't go into any detail but I have ATT UVerse. 2 pairs bonded 
and supposed 50Mb service, won't stay up for over a day. 1o service 
calls, they now say I need to drop to 32Mb, but the tech here this 
morning spotted a fault on "pair 2", which I've been telling them for 2 
months. When it goes out pair 1 will come back fast with good noise 
margin, pair 2 struggles to get over a 0 db noise margin. She finally 
figured there is a short, intermittent, 75 feet from my pedestal, and 
its not on my side, its theirs. So outside wire crew coming to make some 
kind of connection up the street. It is running right now on pair 1 just 

Right now my node is up and connected to W8VT in WV


Allstar 2360

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> AT&T Home (DSL), Dish Network or Wireless? Home(DSL) shouldn't have 
> any restrictions other then it might be a bad network. That kind of 
> problems do you see? Also ask AT&T if your using DSL where the central 
> office is from you. 18,000 feet is the MAX... Ask for a tech to come 
> out for a line test. Also it might be oversubscribed.
> I looked for a central office map for your area and couldn't find one.
> Do you have an updated:
> DSL Modem (Check with AT&T first. Make and Model)
> Router
> If you go with cable. Make sure the modem can handle the speeds you 
> are buying. (I brought my own cable modem. I had to work with a list 
> that my ISP has.) The up speed should be over 10Mb. The down should be 
> higher..
> Now food for thought.. You can get a cheap Internetservice package 
> from Spectrum for testing.. Ask for month to month. If you like it. Go 
> for it.
> David

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