[App_rpt-users] Can't recieve connections from other nodes.

Erich Ellsworth kg5key at yahoo.com
Mon May 1 15:34:02 EDT 2017


I am currently using a Cisco 7960 connected to my Raspberry Pi 3 to mess
around with AllStarLink. (Node 43966)
Currently, I am able to connect to other nodes perfectly, however I am
unable to receive connections from other nodes.

According to this troubleshooting guide
<http://docs.allstarlink.org/drupal/node/164>, the issue could be the

1.) Port 4569 UDP is not set up to be forwarded to the correct internal
2.) My router requires that the port setting to be forced to port 4569 on
the registration server.

I believe that #1 is ruled out because I have double checked that the
internal address is correct. (My router is a Asus RT-AC68P)

Could a system administrator double check that my node is registering


Erich KG5KEY
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