[App_rpt-users] RTCM Simulcast Manual

Joe Moskalski kc2irv at gmail.com
Mon May 8 23:09:49 EDT 2017

I know 99.999 percent of you on this list don't know who I am. Only that I
post things rarely about what I have been doing with my RTCM based
simulcast system. Drawing on my own experiences and struggles with
simulcast using the RTCM units, I was thinking of writing a document/manual
on that subject specifically. I have my own notes and such that help me but
I know how inconsistent the information is pertaining to RTCM simulcast
that is out there. I thought that writing a complete document would help
others get up and running more quickly and help people better understand
that portion of the system. The main points I want to cover is radio and
frequency reference equipment selection, Simulcast theory, RTCM
configuration and setup, network requirements, level setting/adjustments
and troubleshooting. There of course will be much more but those are the
big subjects I would like to at least start out with.
 The big question is will it be worth it to this community? I am looking
for feedback mainly from those who have implemented RTCM simulcast or want
to. Of course anyone interested in it in general is more than welcome. If
anyone would like to share their experiences or share their opinion on this
idea you can email me directly at kc2irv at gmail.com
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