[App_rpt-users] how do I stop constant kerchunking

TheSkyDancer (KD8TIG) kd8tig at blazingstarradio.com
Tue May 9 19:47:13 EDT 2017

Dial running on my raspberry pi 3 is for some reason triggering the radio to key up for about a second or  so every 8 to ten seconds.  I finally had to turn off the radio to get it to stop kerchunking.  
Is there some setting I could change to fix this? I’ve tried changing rx squelch  to a higher number to see if something is barely breaking the squelch, but no luck.  I also tried unplugging the radio from the usb radio interface. this does stop the kerchunking, but it doesn’t explain why it does it constantly when it is hooked up.  It’s all a big mystery to me. 
I am using a Wouxun kg-uv6d ht for the radio.  
   any help would be greatly appreciated.  If I can provide further information I’d be happy to.  
kind regards,
Ben, (KD8TIG)
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