[App_rpt-users] RTCM Simulcast and 9.6 MHz Phase locking

Bryan Fields Bryan at bryanfields.net
Wed May 10 01:10:49 EDT 2017

On 5/9/17 2:29 AM, Joe Leikhim wrote:
> Does the Quantar give you an option of running the receiver on its own 
> reference oscillator? Reason I ask is that Motorola Simulcast don't 
> dither the site reference oscillator of the TX to my knowledge. A multi 
> channel simulcast system might have 20 trunked stations each with 
> different low speed data streams at any moment.

The quantar generates a 2.1 MHz clock from the master oscillator input.  A
separate clock is sent to the exciter and receiver modules.  It's designed so
you can daisy chain every quantar off a master 10 mhz source.

The PLL chip used in the exciter has a special reference modulation input
where the low frequency input is taken.  How this works internally is anyone's
guess as it's a custom chip.

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