[App_rpt-users] TK-820 Config Question

Scott Westerman scott.westerman at gmail.com
Fri May 19 14:02:40 EDT 2017

My setup is a Raspberry Pi 3, URIx (no eprom) and a Kenwood TK-820. I'm
getting good audio out when I use iaxrpt, the IDs and times transmit fine,
but inbound rf signals to the repeater can't be heard and don't trigger
beeps, etc. When manually open the COS, I can hear the squelch noise and
the inbound audio. Here are my settings.

Any advice on what I might be doing wrong?

Card is:         0
Name is:         usb
Rx Level:        500
Rx no-delay:     0
Rx audio-delay:  0
Tx A Level:      500
Tx B Level:      500
preemphasis:     no
deemphasis:      no
plfilter:        yes
rxboost:         yes

PTT:             Active LOW
PTT status:      Un-Keyed

CTCSS (input):   CM108/CM119 Active LOW
COS (input):     CM108/CM119 Active HIGH
COS (test):      Un-Keyed
COS (composite): Un-Keyed

Thanks very much for any wisdom you can share!

Scott W. - W9WSW
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