[App_rpt-users] RPi w/DIAL Repeater Stuck In Transmit Mode

Steve Schulze n9udo at yellowthunder.org
Mon May 22 15:05:55 EDT 2017

Having the same issue, just recently, with DIAL running on a PC. When 
the system locks in to transmit, I can log in and do a reboot. I'm not 
sure what might be causing this either. Has anyone else come across this 
and has a fix for it, not a work around. I'm suspecting that Asterisk is 
the culprit and is locking up. (maybe some upgrades are in order?)

When I first had this problem, I could make a change to the rpt.conf so 
the AllStarLink box would announce the callsign of the station logging 
in from echolink. When I would do this, the box would lock into transmit 
at any given time for no reason, no pattern to it or anything. Once I 
set the configuration back to just announcing the number of the echolink 
station it has been working fine ever since until just recently.


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On 3/8/2017 23:55, Kevin Custer wrote:
> At several of our sites, which can be inaccessible at certain times of 
> the year, we use a radio interface that will revert control operations 
> to "internal controls" if something unexpected happens.  This is done 
> by using a heartbeat monitoring circuit.  When the CM119A is happy, 
> and Asterisk is running, you see the flashy - flashy of the Heartbeat 
> status LED.  This happens on a URI, or any other radio adapter. 
> However, only a few radio adapters have additional circuitry that 
> monitors the Heartbeat of the CM119A, and in turn, that circuitry 
> determines the overall health of the control system.  If everything is 
> okay, (Heartbeat LED is flashing) an LED called "PC COMM's" 
> illuminates.  If the flashing of the Heartbeat stops because the radio 
> adapter or the computer has failed, or Asterisk has stopped or 
> crashed, the PC COMM's LED goes out.  This health status can be used 
> for two purposes:  First, the logic developed (user selectable, none, 
> high or low) can enable a secondary control method.  Some repeaters 
> only require one logic lead change to enable "internal controls". 
> Repeaters like the VERTEX 5000, 7000, and 9000, and many Tait and 
> Motorola repeaters have such a control revert option.  The heartbeat 
> monitor equipped radio adapter can feed such a line directly - 
> enabling internal controls if the Asterisk application, computer, or 
> radio adapter should fail, keeping the repeater operational - 
> locally.  Secondly, and possibly more importantly, the PTT line can be 
> interrupted with this health status.  This function will kill the PTT 
> line if the radio adapter, computer, or application has stopped.  No 
> more emergent trips to the repeater site to kill a transmitter which 
> has stuck on.  This circuitry has been designed to operate correctly 
> no matter if the Heartbeat has stuck in the on or off state.
> While this option doesn't keep unexpected things from happening, nor 
> totally eliminates making a trip to the site, it has made things better.
> Radio adapters with HB monitor:
> RB RIM-Lite (all variants)
> MC RA-35
> Kevin W3KKC
> On 3/8/2017 2:04 AM, Bob Pyke wrote:
>> Our repeater hung up in transmit mode, and would not respond to radio 
>> DTMF commands to restart Asterisk or reboot. We had to manually reset 
>> the power. We don't understand why. If this should be a reoccurring 
>> issue, perhaps we need an external watchdog timer to reset power 
>> after x minutes of constant PTT activation.
>> Looking for suggestions.
>> We are planning to setup a remote (no internet) repeater that is not 
>> easily accessible, so want to make sure we have a solution.
>> Thanks,
>> Bob
>> k6ecm
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