[App_rpt-users] Temporary stop, then restart asterisk

Bob k6ecm1 at gmail.com
Sun May 28 12:49:33 EDT 2017

The cop,2 and cop,3 DTMF approach works quickly, which is what I need.
However, cop,2 reports "r p t e n a." Is there any way to quiet just this
response, and not the others, or perhaps substitute "status,2?"


Thanks much all,




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What? That's a weird way to do it when you could just:


85 = cop,2

86 = cop,3 


Besides calling scripts when you don't have to is bad form and dangerous. 


On Fri, May 26, 2017 at 10:26 AM, Bryan D. Boyle <bdboyle at bdboyle.com>

or...assign a couple DTMF functions in rpt.conf, for instance:

85 = cmd,/etc/asterisk/scripts/enable.sh
86 = cmd,/etc/asterisk/scripts/disable.sh

where, in a /scripts directory under /etc/asterisk, there are two scripts as

/usr/sbin/asterisk -rx "rpt cmd nodenumber cop 2 nodenumber"

(replace the 2 with a 3)

chmod 755 [enable.sh, disable.sh]

rpt reload

lots of ways to skin the cat.  Remember, not only is asterisk/allstar
functionally rich...but you can also use the underlying OS to do many
wonderful and various things both to itself as well as the application.
There are no limits to the creativity...

On 5/26/2017 12:43 PM, Steve Zingman wrote:

As you said, it was when DIAL first released for the RPi so it's 1.0
>From the asterisk CLI:
rpt cmd 1999 cop 2 1999 <------------ system enable
rpt cmd 1999 cop 3 1999 <------------ system disable


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