[App_rpt-users] Help on using CTCSS with usbradio.conf

Neil H. Gray neil at ohiogray.org
Sun Oct 22 21:41:44 EDT 2017

To Whom It May Concern,

I am trying to get a DMK URIx working with a BridgeCOM repeater using 
the usbradio.conf to provide CTCSS decode/encode and am having no success.

I can confirm that a received FM signals get repeated, and the allstar 
configuration also appears to be working.  However any configuration 
related to CTCSS does not work at all.

I can confirm that the CTCSS tone is present with the input audio being 
fed to the URIx, but none of the relevant settings in usbradio.conf(e.g. 
rxctcssfreqs, ctcssfrom = dsp) seem to have any effect.

Adjusting the carrierfrom parameter in usbradio.conf has the expected 
results.  The COR signal comes to the URIx from the repeater and 
functions correctly with carrierfrom set to usbinvert.  At least with 
this I can confirm that apt_rpt is using usbradio.conf rather than 

While I have tested the hardware, I have not tried looking at the 
software beyond glancing through the source code to get a rough idea of 
the layout of apt_rpt.

Could anyone offer a working configuration example on CTCSS, or perhaps 
give debugging hints?

I can handle a debugger but am not sure of a good way to debug a program 
that operates on signals in real time.

Thanks in advance,


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