[App_rpt-users] Help on using CTCSS with usbradio.conf

Steve Zingman szingman at msgstor.com
Sun Oct 22 21:47:03 EDT 2017

See if this helps:

txctcssdefault = 123.0    ; default tx ctcss freq, any frequency permitted

rxctcssfreqs = 123.0    ; rx ctcss freqs in floating point. must be in table

txctcssfreqs = 123.0    ; tx ctcss freqs, any frequency permitted
; rxctcssoverride = 0    ; Set to 1 or yes to start out in carrier 
squelch mode

carrierfrom = dsp    ; no,usb,usbinvert,dsp,vox
             ; no - no carrier detection at all
             ; usb - from the COR line on the modified USB sound fob
             ; usbinvert - from the inverted COR line on the modified 
USB sound fob
             ; dsp - from RX noise using dsp techniques
             ; vox - voice activated from RX audio

ctcssfrom = dsp        ; no,usb,dsp
             ; no - CTCSS decoding, system will be carrier squelch
             ; usb - CTCSS decoding using input from USB FOB
             ; (currently not supported)
             ; dsp - CTCSS decoding using RX audio in DSP.
             ; rxdemod option must be set to flat for this to work.

rxdemod = flat            ; input type from radio: no,speaker,flat
             ; no - RX audio input not used
             ; flat - Use RX audio from discriminator (before de-emphasis)
             ; speaker - use de-emphasized audio

txprelim = yes        ; Audio processing on left output channel: no,yes
             ; no - Audio is not pre-emphasized and limited.
             ; Suitable for use on a microphone input
             ; yes - Audio is pre-emphasized and limited.
             ; Suitable for direct connection to an FM modulator

txlimonly = no        ; Audio limiting with no pre-emphasis on output 
channel: no,yes
             ; no - Audio is not limited.
             ; yes - Audio is  limited.
             ; Suitable for transmitters with no limiting but with 

txtoctype = phase    ; Transmit tone control type: no,phase,notone
             ; no - CTCSS tone encoding with no hang time
             ; phase - encode CTCSS and reverse phase
             ; AKA ("reverse burst") before unkeying TX
             ; notone - encode CTCSS and stop sending tone before 
unkeying TX
             ; AKA ("chicken burst")

txmixa = no        ; Left channel output: no,voice,tone,composite,auxvoice
             ; no - Do not output anything
             ; voice - output voice only
             ; tone - CTCSS tone only
             ; composite - voice and tone
             ; auxvoice - auxiliary voice output at headphone level for 

txmixb = composite    ; Right channel output: no,voice,tone,composite, 
             ; See txmixa above.

On 10/22/2017 09:41 PM, Neil H. Gray wrote:
> To Whom It May Concern,
> I am trying to get a DMK URIx working with a BridgeCOM repeater using 
> the usbradio.conf to provide CTCSS decode/encode and am having no 
> success.
> I can confirm that a received FM signals get repeated, and the allstar 
> configuration also appears to be working.  However any configuration 
> related to CTCSS does not work at all.
> I can confirm that the CTCSS tone is present with the input audio 
> being fed to the URIx, but none of the relevant settings in 
> usbradio.conf(e.g. rxctcssfreqs, ctcssfrom = dsp) seem to have any 
> effect.
> Adjusting the carrierfrom parameter in usbradio.conf has the expected 
> results.  The COR signal comes to the URIx from the repeater and 
> functions correctly with carrierfrom set to usbinvert.  At least with 
> this I can confirm that apt_rpt is using usbradio.conf rather than 
> simpleusb.conf.
> While I have tested the hardware, I have not tried looking at the 
> software beyond glancing through the source code to get a rough idea 
> of the layout of apt_rpt.
> Could anyone offer a working configuration example on CTCSS, or 
> perhaps give debugging hints?
> I can handle a debugger but am not sure of a good way to debug a 
> program that operates on signals in real time.
> Thanks in advance,
> Neil
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