[App_rpt-users] RTCM RSSI calibration (recorder)

Hayden Honeywood haydenph91 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 25 04:20:13 EDT 2017

Thanks Chuck.

My /tmp directory isn't filling up with any files at all. I made sure there
had been voter receiver activity, and ran the script a few times. In the
log it shows a new filename everytime I run it.

Went directly into the command line and ran:
voter record 1727 voter-recordRTC1

I get back:
voter instance 1727 Record: Recording enabled info file voter-recordRTC1

Check activity, then send the same command with 2 at the end of the
filename to change. Nothing appears in /tmp. I did a complete search on the
Pi for everything with the name voter in it, and still cannot find the

I also have a tmpfs that I will have to make bigger once I get it working
25M  8.0K   25M   1% /tmp
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