[App_rpt-users] Calling into node via AllstarLink Portal

Grady Anderson grady.anderson at gmail.com
Sun Sep 17 09:33:50 EDT 2017

Hello all.
I have recently done clean installs on 2 nodes that I manage. Before I
loaded the latest version of RPi2-3, I could call into both of these nodes
and issue dtmf commands, talk, etc. I have either done something or not
done something on this latest install which is preventing me from calling
into them.

It would be helpful if someone could explain what the chain of events is
when someone attempts to call into a node via the telephone portal ie...
once the portal accepts the call, what is the sequence of events, what
modules are used, what information is passed, what happens in apt_rpt once
the node gets the call and so on.

It would also be immediately useful if someone could explain what settings
in what conf files need to be changed to allow those incoming calls through
the portal. I do use this functionality quite often since I do not have
physical access to the nodes.

I appreciate any information you fine folks could offer!
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