[App_rpt-users] stats.allstarlink.org

Benjamin Naber Benjamin at Project23D.com
Sun Sep 24 01:12:54 EDT 2017

I'm very well aware the next lines of this message could be a very time
consuming project. 

I think the ability for something along the lines to sort ASL nodes,
separated by, at least, Country and State/Province would possibly
encourage more activity among nodes connected to repeaters that do not
see a lot of local activity for whatever reason. Trying to find a ASL
node in state like GA, searching the stats page for "GA" results in many
matches with wherever "GA" is found. Given the nature of a community
updated site like repeater-book, which is awesome, does not have all
open repeaters with ASL.

Echostink and IRLP have this capability. During our weekly ASL TechNet,
the available search options on stats.allstarlink.org, gets brought up.

Perhaps, just a few mods can be made to the Allstar Server config page,
where City, State/Province, Country are separate entry dialog boxes, and
select boxes for "testing" or "Portable". If one or the other select box
is checked for "Testing" or "Portable", location info is not required
and portable/test ASL nodes could have a separate "location" category of
their own. Which by the way, this category could be at the bottom of the
stats page, as most portable nodes, when used on cellular networks, do
not allow incoming connections, anyhow.

The top of the stats page can use the arrow-sort type 'buttons' to
select sort display results, next to the column name. This may enable
sorting by frequency, country, state, city, callsign, first heard, or
node number.

This kind of thing, as stated, will take time. That said, reasonable
refining ideas should be made by the group, and perhaps volunteers for
coding to make it work, and on the present stats page, a link to the
developmental stats page.

I cannot tell you the first thing about coding, but I can offer a public
IP and dev. server space at a datacenter I work in.

Obviously, the implementation is ultimately up to the powers-that-be,
but it sure would be nice to have some 'sort' of better sorting.
Especially for travelers looking for ASL nodes in areas they are
transiting through or visiting.

~Benjamin, KB9LFZ

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