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Steve Mahler kizzy at lusfiber.net
Sun Sep 24 08:27:10 EDT 2017

I have given some thought to this before and suggest the following:

1) Take all ASL sites that did not provided Lat Lon and put them at  0 - 
0 ... or in the middle an ocean

2A)  Somewhere there has to be a database to convert Lat Lon to a city 
and state name.  Use this to populate City and State.  This will allow 
you to look at ASL Nodes in a City or State.

2B)  The formula to obtain distance between two sets of Lat Lons is 
pretty simple.  You could use those results to find ASL nodes within X 
miles of some other node.

3) If 2A and/or 2B is implemented bolster assistance in setting Lat Lon 
information when obtaining a new ASL node number.


...STeve - KF5VH

On 9/24/2017 12:12 AM, Benjamin Naber wrote:
> I'm very well aware the next lines of this message could be a very time
> consuming project.
> I think the ability for something along the lines to sort ASL nodes,
> separated by, at least, Country and State/Province would possibly
> encourage more activity among nodes connected to repeaters that do not
> see a lot of local activity for whatever reason. Trying to find a ASL
> node in state like GA, searching the stats page for "GA" results in many
> matches with wherever "GA" is found. Given the nature of a community
> updated site like repeater-book, which is awesome, does not have all
> open repeaters with ASL.
> Echostink and IRLP have this capability. During our weekly ASL TechNet,
> the available search options on stats.allstarlink.org, gets brought up.
> Perhaps, just a few mods can be made to the Allstar Server config page,
> where City, State/Province, Country are separate entry dialog boxes, and
> select boxes for "testing" or "Portable". If one or the other select box
> is checked for "Testing" or "Portable", location info is not required
> and portable/test ASL nodes could have a separate "location" category of
> their own. Which by the way, this category could be at the bottom of the
> stats page, as most portable nodes, when used on cellular networks, do
> not allow incoming connections, anyhow.
> The top of the stats page can use the arrow-sort type 'buttons' to
> select sort display results, next to the column name. This may enable
> sorting by frequency, country, state, city, callsign, first heard, or
> node number.
> This kind of thing, as stated, will take time. That said, reasonable
> refining ideas should be made by the group, and perhaps volunteers for
> coding to make it work, and on the present stats page, a link to the
> developmental stats page.
> I cannot tell you the first thing about coding, but I can offer a public
> IP and dev. server space at a datacenter I work in.
> Obviously, the implementation is ultimately up to the powers-that-be,
> but it sure would be nice to have some 'sort' of better sorting.
> Especially for travelers looking for ASL nodes in areas they are
> transiting through or visiting.
> ~Benjamin, KB9LFZ
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