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scott hibbs scotthibbs at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 26 00:03:09 EDT 2017


I'm a new user to allstar. I requested and got my secure personal pin number very quickly. Since I was unable to use the java web transceiver, I decided to build a micro node. I'm currently wiring (yet another new version) BF-888s to a sound card (I'm going to document it for others if successful) and I have downloaded the software for my Raspberry Pi. I requested a node number but didn't get a response. Thinking that I didn't do it correctly, I requested one again. My third request was on Sept 13.

In my research, I have noted that there was a recent death of a very active ham in this technology. My sincerest condolences.

I wanted to bring it to someone's attention, that although I did get a secure personal pin very quickly, I have been unsuccessful with getting a node number or a response from one of the emails on the support site. I did not get an email regarding a pending status, or a rejection so I'm wondering if my requests are not being received.

I would appreciate any assistance or information someone could provide.

Thank you and 73,

Scott Hibbs

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