[App_rpt-users] Allstar Node Requests

Kevin Custer kuggie at kuggie.com
Tue Sep 26 11:28:54 EDT 2017


I process membership and node requests several times a day - usually.  I 
don't remember seeing a node request from you and I've processed several 
(hundred) since September 13, including three this morning.

You hadn't changed your membership type to administrator, which I've 
done for you manually just now.  Please request for a node number 
again.  Feel free to follow up with me in a personal email when you do, 
and I'll watch for it.


PS - Thank you for your note of condolence.  Jim Dixon was the inventor 
of AllStar Link and most of its technology.  It's been about 9 months 
since his death, and we miss him every day.

On 9/26/2017 12:03 AM, scott hibbs wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm a new user to allstar. I requested and got my secure personal pin 
> number very quickly. Since I was unable to use the java web 
> transceiver, I decided to build a micro node. I'm currently wiring 
> (yet another new version) BF-888s to a sound card (I'm going to 
> document it for others if successful) and I have downloaded the 
> software for my Raspberry Pi. I requested a node number but didn't get 
> a response. Thinking that I didn't do it correctly, I requested one 
> again. My third request was on Sept 13.
> In my research, I have noted that there was a recent death of a very 
> active ham in this technology. My sincerest condolences.
> I wanted to bring it to someone's attention, that although I did get a 
> secure personal pin very quickly, I have been unsuccessful with 
> getting a node number or a response from one of the emails on the 
> support site. I did not get an email regarding a pending status, or a 
> rejection so I'm wondering if my requests are not being received.
> I would appreciate any assistance or information someone could provide.
> Thank you and 73,
> Scott Hibbs

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