[App_rpt-users] Repeater Stuck Locked open for 18 hrs

Loren Tedford loren at lorentedford.com
Mon Apr 23 10:22:55 EDT 2018

We had a scenario that occurred late Saturday night early Sunday Morning where the repeater locked its self wide open for over 18 hrs solid with no id’s according to witnesses I was away sleeping dealing with some medical on this end.. When we found out about it we immediately tuned to the frequency and found that the repeater was indeed locked open. I had Mark run out to the repeater site to shut it down and bring home the allstarlink box.. 

No signs of damage to motherboard ram or ssd we did look through the logs and couldn’t find anything that would even remotely cause a stuck ptt.. We were able to get the Archive directory downloaded since it was a separate drive and after looking through it.. Nothing showed their either.. 

Any ideas anyone? Anyone ever had this happen? This machine was Debian distro and was one of the earlier installations of the debian install .. It was up and running for almost 2 years no issues.. Reboots once every week.

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