[App_rpt-users] Errors

John Rudolph- N2YP John at n2yp.com
Sun Apr 29 16:27:28 EDT 2018

Steve, nothing is showing in the messages file other than what's below. The xpmr has been happening for a few weeks and I just haven't had a chance to ask about it yet.

[Apr 29 16:19:10] NOTICE[8850] app_rpt.c: Normal Repeater Init  46101    
[Apr 29 16:19:10] NOTICE[8850] app_rpt.c: Normal Repeater Init  46100    
_tune_usb_46100.conf not found, using default parameters.
[Apr 29 16:19:09] NOTICE[8844] ./xpmr/xpmr.c: xpmr rxlpf: 0
[Apr 29 16:19:09] NOTICE[8844] ./xpmr/xpmr.c: xpmr rxhpf: 0
[Apr 29 16:19:09] NOTICE[8844] ./xpmr/xpmr.c: xpmr txlpf: 0
[Apr 29 16:19:09] NOTICE[8844] ./xpmr/xpmr.c: xpmr txhpf: 0
[Apr 29 16:19:09] NOTICE[8844] ./xpmr/xpmr.c: 
John Rudolph
Amateur Radio Op N2YP

>Step 1:
>Check the log for errors:
>it is in /var/log/asterisk the filename is messages
>Steve n4IRS
>On 04/28/2018 10:52 PM, John Rudolph- N2YP wrote:
>> I have a multi node x86 ASL Asterisk 1.01 system up and running.
>> I went to add a puesdo/dahdi hub and just made a additions to
>> and iax.conf, and went and rebooted Asterisk and or the whole system 
>> and even though I love undone the "new" node the system is broke. My 
>> URI'S no longer get a heartbeat but show via lsusb, I can't access 
>> Asterisk CLI- get "Unable to connect to remote asterisk (does 
>> /var/run/asterisk.ctl exist?)" Yet this file does exist, Can't access
>> radio-tune-menu - get "Error parsing device parameters", nodes no 
>> longer register with ASL, allmon2 can't access Asterisk manager, and 
>> my EchoLink node shows active but you can't access it. After multiple
>> reboots I did try apt get update and upgrade with no success. Dahdi 
>> and crc_ccitt show running and nothing shows in the asterisk log
>> than it starting the nodes.
>> What I don't understand is that I did nothing at all other than add a
>> stanza for another node and uncomment that node number in iax.conf
>> restart. If someone could walk me through trouble shooting this I 
>> would appreciate it so I can learn what went wrong.
>> John Rudolph
>> Amateur Radio Op N2YP
>> Unadilla,NY
>> _______________________________________________

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>You probably fat fingered something. It happens to all of us. Start
>Asterisk in the non-deamon mode by doing
>asterisk -fnvvv
>at the linux prompt and watch for errors. Press control-c to exit. Fix
>error. Repeat until it starts clean.

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