[App_rpt-users] Allstarlink newbie

Marco Brunozzi marco.brunozzi at gmail.com
Sun Dec 2 15:13:30 EST 2018

Hi everyone, I trying to setting up my first asl node. I don't have
experiences in this years I had work with svxlink. The migration it's
very hard. :-) Below the asterisk log.
Thanks in advance.
73 Marco IW0RED.

pbx_config.so => (Text Extension Configuration)
  == Registered file format ogg_vorbis, extension(s) ogg
format_ogg_vorbis.so => (OGG/Vorbis audio)
  == Registered channel type 'rtpdir' (RTPDIR Ham Radio Bridging Driver)
chan_rtpdir.so => (RTPDIR Ham Radio Bridging Thingy)
Asterisk Ready.
    -- Loading initial config for repeater 28163
[Dec  2 15:43:32] NOTICE[1223]: app_rpt.c:22184 rpt_master: Normal
Repeater Init  28163
    -- Re-Loading config for repeater 28163
    -- rpt (Rx) initiating call to SimpleUSB/usb_28163 on SimpleUSB/usb_28163
[Dec  2 15:43:32] WARNING[1227]: channel.c:3051 ast_request: No
channel type registered for 'DAHDI'
rpt:Sorry unable to obtain pseudo channel
[Dec  2 15:43:32] NOTICE[1228]: chan_simpleusb.c:1534 hidthread:
Assigned USB device 5-1:1.0 to simpleusb channel usb_28163
  == Set device 5-1:1.0 to usb_28163
[Dec  2 15:43:32] WARNING[1228]: chan_simpleusb.c:1637 hidthread:
Loaded parameters from simpleusb_tune_usb_28163.conf for device
usb_28163 .

Marco Brunozzi

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