[App_rpt-users] I'm back after 8 years, quick Audio interface question.

Steve Gladden steve at michiganbroadband.com
Tue Dec 4 20:41:58 EST 2018

Hi I've not been on in about 7.5 years.   
Back then Jim Dixon was a regular contact and somebody I chatted with fairly often.  
So sad he is gone!  

Way back then the only supported simple sound interface was USB and required a CM108 or 109 chip and the idea of using anything else soundcardwise 
was just immediately shot down if asked.  
There were reasons (back then) for this and I think it was centered around the author not wanting to have to deal with the issues and support of it.

I never cared about support or "all of the issues" it may cause on my end but lacked the technical know-how to write a "generic" audio driver myself. 
A LOT of linux software is NOT soundcard driver specific and works well with just about ANY sound interface that is on a motherboard or card or whatever.  

And I never needed the GPIO to be on the sound chip.   
Nor did I need all of the DSP functionality to be done in the CPU via the sound interface.    
I'm curious if there have been any developments since that allow more sound interfaces to work or is it still the same and require a CM108/109 type USB device?  



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