[App_rpt-users] I'm back after 8 years, quick Audio interface question.

Mike mm at midnighteng.com
Tue Dec 4 21:50:18 EST 2018

While I have never tried it,
I have always suspected if you usd the correct usb hub/device 
id/position and had the correct driver in the system, it would work.

Wanted to do so myself but I have stacks of those CM108'S and use 
parallel port for all the switching.

I don't think you need to write anything for the sound driver with no 
use of in/out pins. Just have the right driver for the device in the system.

Sounds like a winter idea project revisited for me without good reason 
but I bet you will try it before me and let us know.
Should be test to test but I haven't any other usb sound devices.

Perhaps I am wrong about that but it seems to make sense as I see it.


On 12/4/2018 3:41 PM, Steve Gladden wrote:
> Hi I've not been on in about 7.5 years.
> Back then Jim Dixon was a regular contact and somebody I chatted with fairly often.
> So sad he is gone!
> Way back then the only supported simple sound interface was USB and required a CM108 or 109 chip and the idea of using anything else soundcardwise
> was just immediately shot down if asked.
> There were reasons (back then) for this and I think it was centered around the author not wanting to have to deal with the issues and support of it.
> I never cared about support or "all of the issues" it may cause on my end but lacked the technical know-how to write a "generic" audio driver myself.
> A LOT of linux software is NOT soundcard driver specific and works well with just about ANY sound interface that is on a motherboard or card or whatever.
> And I never needed the GPIO to be on the sound chip.
> Nor did I need all of the DSP functionality to be done in the CPU via the sound interface.
> I'm curious if there have been any developments since that allow more sound interfaces to work or is it still the same and require a CM108/109 type USB device?
> Thanks!!
> Steve
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