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Lardizabal David D. davidlardizabal at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 8 10:50:01 EST 2018


My name is David Lardizabal HQ2DDL.  I am trying to install and AllstarLink node with a repeater Icom FR 5000 and I am trying to figure out the pinout / setting on repeater.  If anyone has done this setup would appreciate the help.

I have all ready have done some testing but I am getting a lot of noice, like the squelch is open and transmitting to connected node, ( I am able to connect to other nodes via line command, I have not been able to get the DTMF tones to work to connect/disconnect to nodes.)

My current pin out is like this:  

FR 5000 Repeater					DML URI

7	GND 	=================> 20	GND
8	MOD IN   =================> 22	TX AUDIO
9	DISC OUT ================> 21	RX AUDIO
14	GND	 =================> 19	GND
19	PTT		=================>  1	PTT
22	AF OUT  =================>  8	COR DET   (?)

*** as a Note: I found out in a pin out for RTCM with an ICOM FR6000 repeater;

I recently connected a Micro-Node RTCM to an ICOM FR6000 UHF repeater.
The FR5000/6000 has a DB25 auxiliary connector on the rear.
Here is the sable pin-out I used. Maybe this helps someone else.

FR6000                                     RTCM
Pin 11 - 12VDC Out ------------------ Pin 1 +V In
Pin 8 - MOD IN ------------------------- Pin 2 TX Audio
Pin 9 Discriminator ------------------- Pin 3 RX Audio
Pin 21 Analog Audible Out -------- Pin 4 CTCSS In
Pin 14 GND------------------------------ Pin 5 GND
Pin 19 EPTT ---------------------------- Pin 7 PTT
DB25 Shell --- soldered to braid---DB9 Shell

Programming FR6000.
Configured for CTCSS on Receive, no CTCSS on transmit.
Program Pin 21 I/O for Audible Out which is a signal indication when the
receiver is unmuted by squelch/tone.
Program Pin 19 I/O for EPTT - External PTT


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