[App_rpt-users] Icom FR 5000 repeater - URI - Alllstarlink node

REDBUTTON_CTRL jrorke at cogeco.ca
Sat Dec 8 22:40:13 EST 2018

All connections good except for the red one in question.

Change 22  to pin 21 on the FR 5000 and program the I/O pin 21 as an 
output. Then assign  function "Analog audible" .
set logic to LOW.

This will give you an analog COR that is active low when the receiver is 
active-should you require it.

Program I/O pin 19 to an input and select "EPTT" as its function and set 
the logic to LOW.

This will make this pin an external ptt.

In you uri set up set the following:



This will set you up using dsp for squelch detection and dsp for rx tone 

This setup requires the Icom to be programmed to transmit the ctcss tone 
(if desired). the URI will only send Voice to the Icom.

Calibrate your RXnoise, RXvoice and RXtone. Then set TX Voice.

Save your settings.

If your squelch is open type this at the prompt:

repeater*CLI> radio tune rxsquelch
Current Signal Strength is 681
Current Squelch setting is 500

if your squelch setting is below your signal strength, set the squelch 
to something about 25 points above the current signal strength.

repeater*CLI> radio tune rxsquelch 700
press enter.

Save settings.

This set up will require a ctcss tone of 103.5 Hz to access the receive.

Also, if you intend to use the allstar node to repeat then set the 
channel in the repeater to "duplex" .
This is to ensure the allstar node is repeating and not the Icom.

Hope this helps.



On 12/8/2018 5:50 AM, Lardizabal David D. wrote:
> Hi
> My name is David Lardizabal HQ2DDL.  I am trying to install and 
> AllstarLink node with a repeater Icom FR 5000 and I am trying to 
> figure out the pinout / setting on repeater.  If anyone has done this 
> setup would appreciate the help.
> I have all ready have done some testing but I am getting a lot of 
> noice, like the squelch is open and transmitting to connected node, ( 
> I am able to connect to other nodes via line command, I have not been 
> able to get the DTMF tones to work to connect/disconnect to nodes.)
> My current pin out is like this:
> FR 5000 RepeaterDML URI
> 7GND =================> 20GND
> 8MOD IN   =================> 22TX AUDIO
> 9DISC OUT ================> 21RX AUDIO
> 14GND =================> 19GND
> 19PTT=================>  1PTT
> 22AF OUT  =================>  8COR DET   (?)
> *** as a Note: I found out in a pin out for RTCM with an ICOM FR6000 
> repeater;
> I recently connected a Micro-Node RTCM to an ICOM FR6000 UHF repeater.
> The FR5000/6000 has a DB25 auxiliary connector on the rear.
> Here is the sable pin-out I used. Maybe this helps someone else.
> FR6000                                     RTCM
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Pin 11 - 12VDC Out ------------------ Pin 1 +V In
> Pin 8 - MOD IN ------------------------- Pin 2 TX Audio
> Pin 9 Discriminator ------------------- Pin 3 RX Audio
> Pin 21 Analog Audible Out -------- Pin 4 CTCSS In
> Pin 14 GND------------------------------ Pin 5 GND
> Pin 19 EPTT ---------------------------- Pin 7 PTT
> DB25 Shell --- soldered to braid---DB9 Shell
> Programming FR6000.
> Configured for CTCSS on Receive, no CTCSS on transmit.
> Program Pin 21 I/O for Audible Out which is a signal indication when the
> receiver is unmuted by squelch/tone.
> Program Pin 19 I/O for EPTT - External PTT
> 73
> David
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