[App_rpt-users] New to allstar link

Steve Agee irlp8720 at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 9 18:39:09 EST 2018

The registration server is rejecting your credentials. Make sure you 
have the correct password for your node in the iax.conf file which 
should look like this:

register=2383:password at register.allstarlink.org

Your password should be where the word "password" appears in the line above.


On 12/9/2018 12:34 PM, Jerry Swords wrote:
> I am trying to setup my first allstar node, when looking at the CLI 
> client I get node 49390 rejected from what have I done 
> wrong?
> <http://www.avg.com/email-signature?utm_medium=email&utm_source=link&utm_campaign=sig-email&utm_content=emailclient> 
> 	Virus-free. www.avg.com 
> <http://www.avg.com/email-signature?utm_medium=email&utm_source=link&utm_campaign=sig-email&utm_content=emailclient> 
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