[App_rpt-users] New to allstar link

Jerry Swords n8wbv at outlook.com
Sun Dec 9 19:36:34 EST 2018

OK and thanks, you was right I had put the node password in wrong, it 
seams to be connecting now.

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>On 12/9/18 1:34 PM, Jerry Swords wrote:
>>  I am trying to setup my first allstar node, when looking at the CLI client
>>  I get node 49390 rejected from what have I done wrong?
>Fist, thanks for the post with real info in it.  Seeing the error, node number
>and your IP makes this really easy to figure out.
>Based on this, and the error in the registration server:
>>  [Dec  9 18:34:58] NOTICE[23435] chan_iax2.c: Host failed MD5 authentication for '49390' (7a582c09621ef85063759e21eed5af56 != 02c2577686680e6262912a86edaf2571)
>From this, your node password is configured wrong in iax.conf.
>you should have register=49390:$yourpasswd at register.allstarlink.org where
>$yourpasswd is the password listed for your node on the portal page.
>Change that and your should be good to go.
>Bryan Fields
>727-409-1194 - Voice
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