[App_rpt-users] iaxRPT updates

Mike mm at midnighteng.com
Thu Dec 20 19:44:14 EST 2018

It will connect. I had the same issue but mine was a bit stranger and 
probably unique to me.

But make sure you have a definition for the iax connection in iax.conf 
and a matching context for answering in extentions.conf

There is no 'connect button' in the program. Select the connection you 
desire in the checkbox and watch for a 'connection indication' text on 
top of the app.

If it fails, it is from improper match in user/pass/context in iax/ext files

Take your time and look at it and think it through.


On 12/20/2018 2:27 PM, cnovey wrote:
> I would LOVE an alternative to Zoiper on Android. Last time I tried 
> iaxRpt on Android it was buggy. Just loaded latest and now it allows 
> me to set up an account manually but I cannot get it to connect. Any 
> advice? Also- anyone know of alternatives to iaxRpt on PC? I would 
> like to have more directory entries etc. Not sure if a better 
> alternative exists.
> Clifford
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> HI there - I noticed there's been some discussion on some upcoming 
> updates to the iaxRPT program.
> I've used this with the hamvoip distribution and dvswitch distros and 
> it works well for accessing your node remotely.
> I mostly use iaxrpt on my android system while mobile, but I've used 
> it occasionally with windows.
> Anyways -- there has been an upgrade to the android public version.  
> The dvswitch-mobile version (with lots of new features :-)  ) will be 
> public released in a couple of days ...  looking forward to the new 
> features.
> 73, Dan ve4drk
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