[App_rpt-users] CM119 USB interface

Mike mm at midnighteng.com
Mon Dec 24 01:30:20 EST 2018


I could be wrong and you may get a better answer but I believe if I 
understand right,

the rx sq level is for vox and you should/normally be using cos from a 
pin on your fob, parallel port or using ctcss trigger for the COS


(oh... I may be about to find out for sure again as I try to setup my hr 
remote again anew)

On 12/23/2018 7:28 PM, Brian G wrote:
> Hi all, Merry Christmas
> My local club is working on setting up a few ASL nodes, and I've been 
> busy modifying some CM119 based USB sound cards to control the radios. 
> I'm using this card/dongle: 
> https://www.amazon.ca/Syba-SD-CM-UAUD-Adapter-C-Media-Chipset/dp/B001MSS6CS
> I've done several so far and have a few nodes working great with CTCSS 
> carrier detect. One issue I'm consistently running into, is when 
> setting the "RX Squelch Level" in the radio-tune-menu, it detects the 
> current RX signal strength as 999. This results in the inability to 
> use anything other than CTCSS for carrier detect. I can make plain old 
> VOX work too, but it results in considerable (2 sec+) hang time.
> Using DSP carrier detect won't work because it's impossible to set the 
> squelch high enough (max value 999). It always thinks there's a signal 
> present when there isn't. This happens regardless of whether there's a 
> radio connected to the dongle or not. As a matter of fact it happens 
> even when plugging in an unmodified dongle right out of the package. I 
> need it to work with no CTCSS. VOX would be fine if it wasn't for the 
> hang time, but would rather use the DSP option in usbradio.conf.
> I assume it's just the nature of the beast, and if I want it done 
> properly I need an adapter and radio capable of COS. But maybe someone 
> knows if there's something that can be done or not? Anyone have any 
> insight on how to either eliminate the VOX hang time, or eliminate 
> that "invisible" signal? I might be overlooking something. Thanks for 
> reading!
> --
> Brian - VA3DXV
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