[App_rpt-users] Warning messages

Bryan Fields Bryan at bryanfields.net
Mon Dec 24 22:11:52 EST 2018

On 12/24/18 4:58 PM, Marco Brunozzi wrote:
> Hi everyone, I noted this very frequent repetition of warning
> messages.  Is this normal?  If not, what should I be looking at to fix
> the problem. Thanks.
> [Dec 24 22:51:06] WARNING[11222]: chan_iax2.c:10127 iax2_do_register:
> REGISTER-LOG: Sending registration request for '28163'
> [Dec 24 22:51:06] WARNING[11224]: chan_iax2.c:7690 registry_rerequest:
> REGISTER-LOG: registry rereqquest

You have the verbosity of the log turned up to 4 or greater.  That's debug
level and this only means it's re-registering again.  By default IAX will
register about ever 60 seconds to the registration servers.

Here's the line in the source.
> https://github.com/AllStarLink/Asterisk/blob/99bf31e59ba1127ed422ed9345d84d912ad80301/asterisk/channels/chan_iax2.c#L7690

It's safe to ignore it and/or turn the debug level down.

Bryan Fields

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