[App_rpt-users] Allstar Node & Open-Source

Toussaint OTTAVI t.ottavi at bc-109.com
Wed Dec 26 10:12:15 EST 2018

Le 26/12/2018 à 06:57, Bryan Fields a écrit :
> I'd caution anyone from selling pirated software, as it's criminal copyright
> infringement

I personally never understood why so few ham developers adopt the open 
source concept, and distribute closed-source software. Open-Source is 
perfectly suited for our non-profit and mutual instruction activity. 
Unfortunately, past (and present) of ham software is full of bad 
experiences caused by closed-source software. In the other hand, many 
skilled guys are writing grezat open-source software. My opinion is that 
we should encourage them, promote their work, and we must prompt much 
more people to use open-source, which is full of benefits for our activity.

Lots of big commercial companies are embracing open-source, which does 
not conflict with business. Why shlouldn't we be able to do the same ? ;-)

Our choice, here in Corsica, is to ban all software that is not 
open-source from our servers. We won't prevent our users from connecting 
to existing  "closed-software" or "closed-infrastructure" networks. But 
we decided to build our network only with open-source software, and 
forget the rest.

Many thanks again for those who provide high quality software in 
open-source, best wishes for open-source development and promotion !

73 de TK1BI

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