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David McGough kb4fxc at inttek.net
Wed Dec 26 21:23:23 EST 2018


Unfortunately, the "GPL" is only a leverage tool that W9CR (and a few
others) are barking about to quickly gain "community" support. You all are 
being used a pawns.

There is a lot more to this story not known by many people.

Little details like when Jim Dixon passed, he had no will ("Intestate").
There is an open Probate case in the LA county courts right now. But no
mention of anything related to AllStar. In fact, Jim had NO assets listed 
at all. Look at these  Court documents for yourself. This is a link to 
the LA County Court website:  https://www.lacourt.org/page/CI0100
Click "Continue as Guest" at the bottom of this page and then use this 
case number: 17STPB08347

When exactly did W9CR or ASL obtain copyright ownership??  This question
has been asked repeatedly "behind the scenes." No Answer.  I have
personally asked various persons for a legal statement about this. No 

Yes, I've seen the history posted by KE6PCV.

I (and HamVoIP) have continually been called a "criminals," etc., by W9CR
(and a few others). Are you aware that "criminal" proceeding can only be
initiated by the copyright owner??  So far, I've not been contacted by the

Some other interesting facts include:

How did W9CR obtain 9+ domains previously owned solely by Jim Dixon, as of
his untimely death??  They include:


Jim also owned a /21 IPv4 subnet ( when he passed. That
also now belongs to W9CR, as of about 03/28/2018. See:


I guess you're also not aware that W9CR is trying to TRADEMARK the 
word-mark "AllStar" ???  Try searching the USPTO and take a look at the 
exhibits presented! Here is a link: 


Unfortunately, it seems the pot will have to be stirred. This useless bull
hockey WILL finally get resolved for once and for all.


73, David KB4FXC

On Wed, 26 Dec 2018, Willem Schreuder wrote:

> On Wed, 26 Dec 2018, Bryan D. Boyle wrote:
> > or ignore it and move on.
> I have to respectfully disagree.  We all have a responsibility to point 
> out where the GPL is violated, just like we should point out where hams 
> run afoul of Part 97.
> If we say it is up to the FCC to enforce Part 97, we do a disservice to 
> the ham community.  Just so if we say that we don't care about the GPL, it 
> does a disservice to people who contibute their ideas and talents by 
> contributing software.
> If we simply stay silent and ignore the problem, there is no chance of 
> correcting the problem other than draconian enforcement actions.
> But let's be civil in how we go about it.
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