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Willem Schreuder willem at prinmath.com
Wed Dec 26 22:55:18 EST 2018

On Wed, 26 Dec 2018, David McGough wrote:

> My primary concern is: Who is the Copyright owner NOW for all the various
> AllStar related modules and as of what date were they released GPL2?

The beauty of the GPL is that it is largely irrelevant who the copyright 
holder is.  If you hold a GPL copyright, the ONLY power you have is that 
you can ensure that the software remains open source.

By using the GPL you explicitly allow ANYBODY to use, modify, redistribute 
or other make use of that code.  The only restriction is that in turn, 
they also provide these modifications under the same terms.

The GPL does not view the world as a zero sum game.  It explicitly 
recognizes that when we get the best ideas from everybody, we are all 
better off.

So anybody could fork the ASL codebase, make it better or worse or change 
it in any way that like.  The ONLY requirement is that you MUST release 
the source.

If the only leverage that people who mean HAMVOIP ill has is the GPL, then 
I would submit that you can undercut their ill intentions by releasing the 
source.  Then you will have the high ground both legally and ethically.

I would argue that the superior technology will win out, regardless of 
whether it is called AllStarLink or HAMVOIP or whatever name you choose. 
As long as you comply with the GPL, there is nothing anybody can do to 
prevent you from developing and expanding the technology.  Furthermore, it 
give you the power to enforce compliance with the GPL for the components 
you contribute.

And while it is undoubtedly true that other people will make use of the 
clever things you contributed, people will know where it was pioneered and 
others will be playing catchup as long as you keep improving your 
implementation.  And there may be other clever things you could use and 
improve on that others may invent.

I think I have made it clear that I am not naive about the political 
machinations and I certainly don't condone the underhanded things that 
have happened.

However, I cannot condone violation of the GPL as an appropriate response.

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